Hi, It’s Lara and I Changed my URL!

You’re wondering what is going on? Why is there no content but one, right?

Well, like the title says, I changed my URL and a couple of things

I’ve gone from “The Heathen” to “The Book Heathen” (on my primary blog) which is much more fitting, for I am not a heathen in the sense that people understand the word mostly.

As much as I love my url, it is not fitting with the things I blog about the most and I have settled on a wonderful name, https://enticingtales.wordpress.com! So goodbye https://jukejam.wordpress.com I’m not deleting this site (obviously), because I’m leaving behind this redirecting post, so no I didn’t disappear from the blogging scene. I’m still here, just with a new url 😦 I’m quite sad, but it has to be done, or I won’t be happy.


I’m now Lara @ The Book Heathenhttps://enticingtales.wordpress.com

See you over there!


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